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is an new independant record label specializing in all types of rock music: from Hard Rock to Power to Extreme Metal.

We listen to some cool new music and bands to sign or just for the distribution in the italian territory.

  Invincible Records is always searching new talents,don't hesitate and feel free to submit your demos, tapes, cds or whatever else to our address :

DeFox Promotion,via Casa Volpe 11,36045 Lonigo(Vicenza) Italy


"ROCKA" reissuing Rock albums of the 80's as well as previously unreleased works. Over the years these albums have achieved Classic status from Critics and music fans, yet have remained unavailable in the CD format until now.Invincible releases are Digitally remastered, feature extensive liner notes, photos and memorabilia.

We have another dedicated Rock sections :

"FROM EAST WITH FURY"Searching claustrofobics bands from sign

"SANGRE Y FUEGO" Searching metallo from Latinos and South American sign




























































































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